Gudrun Kleffe
born in Bochum / Germany, 1961, where she visited a musical school and took part in courses and performances of the Satiricon theatre. Her artistic education commenced autodidactic.

1989  work and exhibition in painting and sculptur

2001  European artificial academy, Trier, Germany, by Claude Mancini

2002  Academy Talens, La Ferté-Milon France, by Renaud Archambault
          New artifical academy Rhein Ruhr,  Essen, Germany, by Sun Jin Chang

2002  cours of study for painting and graphic arts, IBKK, Bochum, Germany
to 05  amongst other by Andreas Christ, Prof. Chong Guang Yan, Prof. Dr. Qi Yang

2005  master class by Prof. Dr. Qui Yang, IBKK, Bochum

2007  Degree painting and graphic arts

2008  Master of art

2011  teacher adult education centre Moers



Tanedi culture e.V., Moers (management)

Kunstverein Peschkenhaus Moers e.V.
Kunstverein Duisburg







2003-2012 Association unrestraint german artits e.V..




Testing, experimenting, find new things are reasons for me to produce colours with earth and minerals beside classical painting materials.

By using parts of ordinary things in combination with painting the two-dimensional canvas was no longer of interest for me. The nature was and is steadily example for me, if sometimes not visible then in mind.

Since some times my subject is looking for naturalness and simplicity of painting as well as in the performance of sculpture. Relate to the subject my idea is to find a maximum for the expression by reduction of shape and colour.  Inclusions give subtly grades strained relationship to economical objects.  Regarding painting contrasts complete themselves or meet subtle tension and perform again and again a challenge, as they are essentially one.